Alive and Aware

Are you feeling stuck around home with this Coronavirus? Things in a spin?

You’ve Got More Going For You Than You Realise

Well hey, when it comes to Covid-19 or anything else that can drag you down you’ve got more going for you than you realise.

Worried, Anxious, Concerned?

Here is something great for you to use instead of worry, anxiety and concern. This activity will augment your immunity, improve your energy levels and help de-stress your days and nights.

Discover psySpace

Discover psySpace, it's the way your mind tells your brain what to mobilise. The real way to work from home while you work from home.

Join Others Who Are Using Akudu

Join others who are using the Akudu guidance to their great advantage right now. Akudu is a guidance over a few weeks that turns on your awareness tap and quenches your mental thirst.

Let's Get Serious

Seriously now, I have never met anyone who did not want to be healthy, happy, horny and free, by any variation of names you want to give those words for your own dignity.