Let's Get Serious

To be healthy, happy, horny and free.
Seriously now, I have never met anyone who did not want to be healthy, happy, horny and free, by any variation of names you want to give those words for your own dignity.

Healthy, Happy, Horny and Free

Each of these has become an individual challenge of drama and questioning. A challenge of concern, anxiety, search and research. In some ways we have cracked that. In other ways we are not even half way there. Witness, the tremendous drama and impact of COVID19.

Aware - Alive

We are born from a surge of energy that is our human nature in action. But a great slab of our human nature is unexamined and unused. Yet our unused ability is so easy to bring back into play. The Akudu guidance has it all ready to roll for you.

Awareness can repair, renew and rehabilitate you in daily activity

For years now, we have passed on a marvellously simple way to use your attention in new locations for awareness that can repair, renew and rehabilitate you in daily activity.

You and me and
lot's of others

You and me and lots of others are
experiencing strain, anxiety and concern.