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What the devil is Akudu? It is a technique of Awareness. Of becoming alive without forcing, trying and mangling your days with effort. Healthy, happy and horny people are free to live play and work with their excitement and talent with real freedom.

Give Your Life a Boost

Akudu is a couple of weeks of guiding you into a new way of thinking and feeling that can brush out the cobwebs and give your life a boost. Then we guide you into using that new way to re-establish nature’s coordinates, nature's default in your body and movements. Incredibly, this frees you from most aches, and tension. From the hurting that was lurking.

This Way is About You

This work is not the way of an authority instructing you what do do and how to be. This way is about you. For you are the guide who leads you to ‘be or not to be’.

A bit of a Tizz

We realise that the times are getting us all in a bit of a tizz. Things are quite threatening and unnerving. Or they are here where we are. It is easy to get into an emotional funk about it all. Akudu will amaze you with the freedom from emotional intensity that you get when you practise your new way of thinking and feeling.

You can be light and breezy, moving easy again.

Healthy, Happy, Horny and Free

We talk about being Healthy, Happy, Horny and free. Why, because they are four words for the same thing. They are nature’s default for our well being. They are a bundle. If one goes out, they all have to scramble. If one goes down they all go down.

If that is a situation that you could get into, then nature’s coordinate, nature’s default, will once again return to you the ability to be healthy, happy, horny, and free.


Pain, Strain and Stress

Akudu is a way of undoing the pain, strain and stress in your body that just won’t leave you alone. Waking up your waking self to its own power and creativity.

A way, especially, of releasing emotional intensity, the stress that can crucify you in your daily life. Don’t have any stress? Pull the other leg…

Akudu Gives You Back Self Reliance

You can take drugs, you can have surgery, etc. Yes the medical model is great. But the Akudu model gives you back self reliance and a practise that can release you in the most amazing ways.

Does it work? Does it ever. We have delivered it to hundreds of lucky people for thirty years. they didn’t just improve… most of them got completely better.

We will guide you into practical procedures and show you how use them in just a few weeks.

Try Akudu Now

Stress - Intensity - Disempowerment.
Boredom - Frustration - Irritation - Fear - Confusion… Uptight, annoyed, aching and breaking, or just plain pissed off and losing it?

If any of the above are mates of yours, then here is something you can use to change your day.
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